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Hi there and welcome to the Whiterose Webpage please come in and have a look around. Whiterose are a hard working , entertaining Multi-Instrumental , Vocal Harmonic Folk Duo specializing in Scottish/Jacobite music although also having the ability to perform modern and contemporary folk music. Whiterose consist of Kev Wilson and Matt Carlyle , two very talented and seasoned musicians with many years of experience behind them.Whiterose were formed back in 2006 by Kev Wilson and Dougie Smith and have played all over the country with trips to Europe and USA behind them aswell.Dougie Smith left the band in January 2014 and was replaced by Matt the same month. The lads both play a multitude of instruments {ie} Kev on Guitar , Bouzouki , Mandolin , Bodhran , Whistles and lead vocals . Matt excells on Octave Mandolin , {Eb} Mandolin , Concert Mandolin , Ukalele , Adapted Guitar/Mandolin , Bodhran , Harmonica , Accordion , Whistles and backing vocals. Whiterose are constantly Gigging all over the country at the moment and are available for all events {ie} [Burns Suppers] , [St. Andrews Nights] , [Historical Commemorations] , [Theme Nights] , [Jacobite Nights] , [Private Parties & Functions]. Whiterose guarantee a great night's entertainment and a wee bit something for everyone , but don't just take our word for it , come along to a show and see for yourself. Come along and relax in good company , we'll see you there.

Aye the Noo

Kev and Matt.

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An Amazing night at the Clachaig Inn/Glencoe
Well what can I say , other than what a Fantastic Night last night Sat. August 9th at the Auld Clachaig Inn / Glencoe. The sound was absolutely brilliant and the massive audience were also amazing and very receptive and Matt and I enjoyed our selves immensely. Aye she's a fine auld Inn , Probably one of the best anywhere in the world.
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